Store Categories

These are the categories of store on FindAStore. Figures in parenthesis indicate the number of stores listed in each category and subcategory. Note that stores are automatically categorised and not all stores will have been assigned the most appropriate category. Also each store is only assigned to a single category.

Art and Literature (126)

Business and Economy (528)

Computers and Internet (308)

Family and Home (639)

Games and Entertainment (78)

Government and Politics (0)

Health (380)

Music (134)

News and Media (32)

Recreation and Hobbies (541)

Regional (68)

Religion and Spirituality (7)

Romance and Relationships (54)

Science and Education (149)

Shopping and Ecommerce (585)

Society and Culture (112)

Sports (456)

Travel and Tourism (68)

TV and Movies (155)