Updates to FindAStore.Net

2 March 2021: More Product Info Being Collected

There aren't any changes visible but behind the scenes FindAStore is searching for hot products to sell online.

Other changes:

  • There is a new page to show the most popular YouTube videos created by the stores featured on FindAStore. This list will auto-update.
  • Store listings pages now show when FindAStore last updated the store's data.
  • If a store has a YouTube channel then some of their latest videos will be displayed on their store's details pages.
  • There is a new page to show stores with Podcasts.
  • The About Page has had an update.
  • You can now submit an eCommerce store to the FindAStore directory and we'll add it to the list of stores to be crawled.

14 February 2021: Additional Data Now Being Logged

The following data is now being collected:

  • Whether it is possible to post comments on a store's blog.
  • Whether the store accepts guest posts from bloggers.
  • Whether the store has a policy for the use of influencers.
  • Details of whether a store has a Podcast.
  • A store's instagram account will be located if it has one.
  • Stores with affiliate programs are now being identified.
  • Wholesale stores are now identified.

Other changes:

  • There's a new Improve Your Store page with a few tips on how to improve your eCommerce store.
  • The Top Stores page is now working better.
  • The top menu has been rearranged.
  • Blog post dates are now being correctly displayed in Shopify store pages.
  • The search page has been replaced by an advanced search version which will allow you to find stores that are also wholesalers, those that have affiliate plans, those who have an influencer program and more.
  • Links to a store's YouTube Channel are now correctly appearing.
  • Store's FindAStore ranking is now displayed on the store's details page.
  • Store's FindAStore ranking is now displayed in store listings. New stores (less than 2 years old) are now identified in store listings.
  • More tips and alerts have been added.
  • Link to advanced store search added to Explore Stores dropdown menu.

2 February 2021: Various Improvements

Stores will now be displayed on category pages.

I've added a lot more stores to the index - we're now just shy of 3,000 listed ecommerce stores. I am aware that a few blogs that clearly aren't ecommerce stores have slipped into the index but I haven't yet figured out a way of stopping them. I may retain them in as many offer related services to Shopify and WooCommerce store owners.

Other updates:

  • Store's blog feed loading has been improved.
  • Algorithm to find related stores and blogs has been improved.
  • Store details pages now show related discussion boards from my long running forum directory FindAForum. If you're a store owner then forums are a fantastic place to lurk and find ideas for how to promote your products. You could also start your own forum - one site that has been very successful in this respect is UK based hosiery retailer StockingsHQ.
  • Saki's Tips are now more closely related to the ecommerce store niche.

2 February 2021: Various Improvements

I've added a search page so give it a go if you need to search for specific products. The categories used on the site aren't very appropriate for e-commerce so I'll try and replace them at some point.

I've resumed searching for new stores to add to the directory and I hope to bulk the index up to around 10,000 stores by the end of February 2021.

Other updates:

  • There is a new top menu drop-down with links to pages showing new stores (stores less than 2 years old), the latest stores added to FindAStore and a page showing the most popular stores here on FindAStore.
  • Stores now show their FindAStore rating. Since FindAStore is new it will take a while for these ratings to stabilise.

20 January 2021: Various Improvements

WooCommerce stores will now begin to showcase products from their collections. It is now also possible to see the number of products a store has - this is shown on the store details page.

20 January 2021: Home Page Update

The home page is now live and we're no longer under construction. I've also added more stores. I've decided to block any further stores on the .myshopify.com domain as they don't seem to last very long and I don't know if you could really trust a store that can't pay $20 for its own domain name.

The Shopify stores will now begin to showcase products from the store. In phase one they'll just be text links, but I will upgrade this functionality to include photos at some point. Remember to support the stores by buying the products through their stores. I'm not affiliated with any of the stores featured on this site, and as many are one person operations they deserve your support.

Store Social Media account details are now starting to appear in listings. If you're in the same niche that they are, be sure to follow them.

I'm aware that a number of blogs are creeping into the store index. I'll figure out a way of excluding them. It should be easier once I expand the store listings to include product showcases.

16 January 2021: Improving Loading Speeds

Rummaging around in my Google Search Console I found there's a feature to give website owners valuable suggestions about improving their site's loading speed. The most noticeable problem with my latest sites is that the screenshot images are quite large. So I have now switched from using .PNG images to the newer .WEBP format. Most browsers support these, and they have much smaller file sizes. For example one store's screenshot is a 295Kb .PNG, but the equivalent .WEBP image is just 40Kb - an 86% reduction in file size! Imagine how less bandwidth your site might consume if you did the same on your website...

15 January 2021: FindAStore is Open For Business

Hi everybody!

I am pleased to announce that development has begun on FindAStore. There's not too much here yet but I have some amazing plans for this place.

In the meantime check out FindABlog because FindAStore will eventually be quite similar to that one. There's quite a lot of crossovers between shopping sites and blogs, so my plan is to closely integrate the two sites. For example an early feature of FindAStore is that you can find blogs related to any particular store.